My first post

Yaaaay!!!!!! I did it!!!!!!!!

I finally joined the bandwagon. Millions of people all over the world (or thousands, who’s counting?)… anyway, LOTS of people around the world are now “professional bloggers”. So, as a girl who does not dull, I have decided to follow and become a BLOGGER.

And why not??? I have read almost a thousand (OK, a lot less, but then again, who’s counting?) blogs and while there are some pretty amazing blogs out there, a lot of them are… well..

So, I thought I should add my two cents (or pence, or kobo, or whatever currency you use). After all, I feel like I have something to say that the world needs to hear:-

Cheese omelets are pretty amazing!!! 😉

Oh, you already knew that, I guess :/

Well, this is a totally random blog, and I can talk about anything from “water and power supply in Egypt” to how risky it is to wear a wig when the wind is 50km/hr. And as this is my first post, I will simply be talking about….. nothing. :/

Disappointed? Don’t be. I’m just trying to get the hang of this thing. I do promise, however, to make sense (sometimes), be interesting (i can try) and discuss important things from time to time (like, how bus drivers are deliberate jerks!)

In the mean time, please, feel free to drop messages, and ideas…I look forward to hearing from you!!!



P.S. That’s my signature til I come up with a better one. 🙂
P.P.S. This is MY blog. And if you think you don’t like it,come back again and read when you’re drunk/sober. 🙂


5 thoughts on “My first post

    • Yes, my name is Ifunanya 🙂 and you, my dear friend, are very abnormal and should probably visit a doctor to check your head.
      What sane, red-blooded Homo sapiens does not like cheese??? O_O :p

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