So, I was typing up this really interesting post about something that happened to me recently when I saw another thing that tore my attention – Phobias. Phobias are such an exciting and amazing topic. I don’t have any phobias, though, but there are some amazing phobias out there in the world. No disrespect to any one who suffers from a phobia. I cannot say I know what you’re going through, or that I know what it’s like to be in your situation. So, I respect you for your strength. I really do.

However, there are some really amazing phobias in the world. Did you know that there is a phobia for peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth??? It’s called Arachibutyrophobia. Please note that there is a squiggly underneath this word, meaning my WordPress dictionary doesn’t even recognize it. Anyway, arachibutyrophobia is fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. Not fear of peanut butter. I find this really strange and sad. Would you never really be able to eat a PB&J sandwich cos you don’t want PB sticking to the roof of your mouth?? This must be a difficult situation to live with. 😦

This one I find absolutely hilarious. Friggatriskaidekaphobia. The fear of Friday the 13th. This has to be a joke, right? No, it’s not. There are people walking around the world, and they are deathly scared of Friday the 13th. I’m sorry, I love Fridays. 13th, 12th or 31st. Any Friday is fine with me. Thank you very much.

Gynophobia is the fear of women. I find this a bit insulting. 😦 OK, no, not really, but still! Fear of women??? You were born of a woman, for crying out loud! And I wonder, do women suffer from gynophobia too?? Food for thought. Although, some people might not like my food for thought. Simply because it’s a thought. Yup, there is a fear of thought, too. It’s called Phronemophobia. No, I mean seriously?! Is there anything that there is no phobia for???

This is my absolute favorite. Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia. It’s the fear of the number 666. Yeah. That’s what I thought too. I am afraid of the number 31. Why, tell me, is there no name for that?? Looolll!!!!! Get a load of this one –Koumpounophobia. Fear of sewing buttons. What I’m not sure of is if you can sew a tear, just not buttons. Or, I don’t know, is it the entire act of sewing that is scary?

And there is Nomophobia. Fear of being out of mobile contact. However, I’m pretty sure this phobia didn’t exist a hundred or even fifty years ago.
So, does this mean that these phobias are a result of our society?? I think so. I mean why the hell would you be scared of the number 666? Sure, the Bible says it’s the number of the serpent, but it’s still just a number. It was a number before the devil picked it. It did not become a number because of the devil. 😐
Phagophobia, the fear of swallowing, has to be one of the saddest. Imagine not being able to swallow your food. So, I guess if you can’t swallow, you don’t eat, right? But, you have to eat and drink to survive! So, how do these people survive?? 😦

Well, this is just a little food for thought, at least for people without Cibophobia or Phronemophobia. Remember in the beginning of this post when I said I didn’t have a phobia?? Well, after typing this post, I have one. It’s called Phobanomatophobia – the fear of names of phobias.



Disclaimer: This is not supposed to offend anyone. If you suffer from any phobias, listed here or not, sorry. I hope you get better.
Rights to the name phobanomatophobia belong to ME. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Phobanomatophobia.

  1. i got acrophobia, autodysomphobia, aviophobia, i think you have clinophobia tooo, i have clithrophobia as welll…. neeed i go on?

  2. LOL. I like the 4th paragraph best cos u did a good job of weaving 2 phobias together in the post – love the word play. Good post. I’m gonna bookmark ur blog now. U have a regular time for posting? or u just post when U feel like? So I can put reading this blog in my schedule. Funny post btw!

    • Thanks!! You can subscribe to my blog; that will let you know when I put up a new post. The subscribe button is on the top right side.
      I dont have a particular time, I just put posts up as regularly as I can. 🙂
      Thanks again!

  3. Gynophobia in men = being gay -_- hehe! I’m mildly agoraphobic..hence why im sitting down in my room, reading ur posts instead of hanging out with my friends Lol. and i’ve got a ‘not mild at all’ case of hydrophobia. Yes, fear of water. (actually i think its fear of drowning..wait that is just fear of dying..any name for that? ok i’d shut up)

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