For Worse Or Worse Pt. 2

They didn’t kiss. At the very last moment, she turned her head slightly so his lips connected with her cheek.
“Goodnight,” she called as she walked into her hostel, leaving him with a myriad of emotions, the likes of which he had never experienced. He watched her full hips sway away until the darkness welcomed them out of his sight.
He sighed. He needed a shower. A cold one. He sighed again as he turned and headed back to his hostel.

She knew he was looking. She felt his eyes boring into her back like lasers as she made her way into the hostel. Thank God she hadn’t kissed him. She didn’t want him thinking she was easy. Which, of course, she wasn’t. But, she had never felt so… drawn to another person before. But she could control her emotions. Oh, she was good at that. She smiled a small smile as she entered into her hostel…

They saw each other everyday after that. They became inseparable. Going everywhere together. How many times did they win “Couple of the year???”
Tola laughed bitterly. Yeah, if someone could see them now… They had gotten married, like everyone expected. It was a beautiful wedding, but the marriage… that was another story entirely. The transformation was immediate and absolute. Sam added weight, withdrew, stayed out late and then one night, when Tola had just about had enough, there came a shocker. Sam became violent. Tola would never have imagined in a million years. Sweet Sam, the gentle, but enigmatic Sam was violent. And Tola bore the brunt of all of Sam’s fury.

The first time, Tola had hit back immediately. But Sam was really strong. They fought like 2 wounded lions. Tola could pack a punch too, but was no match for Sam’s size and anger. After all the flying objects and fists, Tola had ended up with two cracked ribs and a split lip so bad, it looked as though there were three lips.
She drove to the hospital. He was in the passenger’s seat. They drove in silence.
“I’m sorry. I-”
“Save it.”
“Look, baby, I was having a rough time and I took it out on you. I shouldn’t have. Just forgive me.”

Tola remembered that day like it was yesterday. It wasn’t just the pain. It was the humiliation. The entire absurdity of the situation. It was disgusting and repulsive.
How could he tell anyone that his wife, his sweet Samantha was beating him??? They would laugh. He would laugh, too, if it wasn’t his situation. But he had had enough. Tonight, the hurt, the humiliation, it all ended tonight. He emptied his glass of gin and slammed the glass hard on the table, shattering it to smithereens. One of the pieces sliced through his palm. But, he didn’t feel any pain. Then, with blood dripping steadily and heavily from the cut, he picked his pen…

Samantha was driving home, on her way back from work. She had a very bad feeling. Something was in the air tonight. She didn’t know what it was, but the uneasy feeling stayed with her even as she pulled her Toyota Camry into the garage. She was tired and irritable. She couldn’t shake this bad feeling off and it was beginning to get on her nerves. She hoped Tola didn’t have any stupid talks or ideas tonight, she couldn’t take any more nonsense. She would just shower and go to bed.
She stepped into the hallway and turned on the lights. She tossed her bag on the table and started to go upstairs when she saw something in the living room that caught her eye.
It was Tola, her husband…

to be continued…




6 thoughts on “For Worse Or Worse Pt. 2

  1. Wait – I just Realized that Tola was the lady and Sam was the guy – sorry – Tola was the guy and Sam was the lady! Choi!! This is not a romance novel – its a tragedy! Lol… And the girl dey really beat am sha – to the extent he had 3 lips? Oh, the thought of it – will there be a Pt 4?

  2. *pulls brake* WHAT? Tola na guy? With a name like that, no wonder his wife beats him..mschewwww lmao! Eyaa poor guy. I’m sure he was doing ‘Don’t hit a woman’ shinding at first.hehehe!

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