In The Nick Of Time

Hi guys, how I’ve missed you!!! I feel like a vampire that’s been without blood for days. (Sorry, I just recently started watching True Blood, so forgive my new found love for all things vampire-y or Eric-y.All my ladies in the house, can I get an Amen!) I know, I haven’t posted anything in a while, this is entirely not my fault. I resumed school and so… (you know how this story ends; I curse, you get preachy, and I curse some more.) Well, I’m cleaning up my life, and my mouth. OK. I’m done apologizing. Here’s my story, enjoy:


Agatha was excited. She could feel it in her bones, in her soul, in every fiber of her very being. She knew this it. The One. OK. So, she sounded a bit corny saying that… the one. After all, it wasn’t as if she had found the man of her dreams. But, she had found the job of her dreams. And about time, too! She had waited so long for this. And she knew she was going to get this one. This is the one, Agatha, this is it.

She had always wanted to be a teacher. Since she was little. And finally, she was being given a chance. Tomorrow was her interview!  She thought of how much she had wanted this. Since she was five. How she had worked so hard to get this. How she had been disappointed over and over. How she’d worked odd jobs everyday because her parents couldn’t afford to send her to Teachers’ Training Institute.

Agatha was jarred from her memories by the whistling kettle on the stove. She moved to the kitchen and began fixing dinner. After she passed her exams and got a license to teach, Agatha had sent in application after application to various schools and educational institutions, but they were all total busts. It was always about not having enough experience (which was a catch 22, seeing as nobody would giver her a job if she didn’t have experience, and she couldn’t get any  experience if she didn’t get a job.) But it was all about to change. She sat down, with her toast and coffee, but she was too excited to eat. She tossed the toast, took her coffee and headed upstairs, turning out all the lights. She had prepared all that she needed for her interview tomorrow. She knew she shouldn’t get so excited for just an interview but she couldn’t help herself. As she prepared for bed, she mentally ran through her checklist. Suit, check. Resume, check. References, check. Everything else was in her bag. She looked at the time, it was 4:15 am. She’d better get to bed, since she had to be awake in the next 3 hours. She set the alarm clock on her silly phone. Immediately, she got her first paycheck, she would walk into the phone store and get that new smartphone that everyone had. She smiled as she drifted off into a deep sleep.


She was just in time. As she walked into the hallways of St. Thomas Junior High, she looked at her watch: 8:50 am. Her interview was by 9:00 am. Thank God she’d made it in time, her house was over an hour away. She made her way to the administrative office.

“Hi,” she said, perhaps a bit too cheerfully to the receptionist sitting at the front desk. “I’m-”

“Miss Benedict. Hi, I’m Jane. They’re expecting you,” the receptionist said with a smile.

“Umm.. OK.. Thanks,” Agatha could hear her heart beating through her chest.

“Not to worry, everyone here is very nice. I’m sure you’ll do just fine,” the receptionist led the way. “Just come right this way.”

As Agatha followed her into the office, she couldn’t help but think about a sheep as it was led to a slaughter house and could do nothing to stop it. Right now, she TOTALLY empathized with the sheep.


Forty minutes later, Agatha’s straight face belied the emotions that were threatening to erupt from her insides. She wanted to do a jig. She had gotten the job! It was simply too good to be true. She smiled at the receptionist with a small, “See you on Monday.” She skipped out of the office quickly, before they could call her back to tell her there had been a mistake.Not only had she gotten a job, St. Thomas was one of the best schools in the county. She was so pleased. She couldn’t wait to call her mom and tell her. As soon as I get home.

Agatha was crossing the street when it happened. She heard a noise. It was that silly cell phone, ringing. She searched for it in her bag, not looking at the oncoming traffic anymore. As her fingers located the buzzing phone in her bag, she pulled it out and pressed the green button.

Nothing happened.

It kept on ringing. Agatha hit the button again and again. The car was moving so fast. She watched as it moved towards her and then went right through. She was a bit more concerned with why her phone wouldn’t stop ringing than with the fact that a car had just gone through her. She hit the green button again…

Agatha was still hitting the green button when she woke up. Her eyes snapped open as she looked at her vibrating phone in her hand. Her eyes were automatically drawn to the top right corner. 11: 25 am.

Oh shit!

Author’s note: This story is based on a recent personal experience.


35 thoughts on “In The Nick Of Time

  1. Uuuugh damn 😦 .. but there’ll be more job interviews in the future hehe.
    I dont like vampire series so i dont watch true blood.. and Eric cant be hotter than motgan in criminal minds ^_^

  2. Was kinda groggy while reading this. That said, it was a little too happy a story until I got to the “11.25a.m” bit and I was like “Yes! The twist!”.

    Personal experience ey? God knows best. There will be better jobs darling.

  3. Oh! Heet is dream X_x… Really good story-telling right there. Expected her to wake up late but was thrown off when the dream began.

    Hope the real story wasn’t this critical. Anyway sha, e go better…

  4. =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=))!she overslept!I guess dts wat happen wen u r too anxious!n she was suppose to sleep early!wich will give her room to wake early!a lesson for us all!

  5. Hahaha! this happens to me all the time. So instead I just sleep the afternoon before and play an RPG to pass the night. Hot damn!

  6. “which was a catch 22, seeing as nobody would giver her a job if she didn’t have experience, and she couldn’t get any experience if she didn’t get a job.”—Cliche!

    • Thank you. I believe you mean tautology?
      I wrote it that way because my aim was to write it down the way she would have been thinking it… and when we form our thoughts, most of the time, they’re not so structurally accurate.
      Thanks! 🙂

  7. wish i could say i know how this feels..but i don’t! i tend to wake up early when I’ve got something big coming up,,,to early in fact..sometimes no sleep 😀 Loved the ending! I knew something bad had to happen (or the story wouldn’t have been told lol) but wasn’t expecting that! Good work! (Y)

  8. ..Destiny,fate..twists and bloody turns.. We never just hav it our way!

    But wait…. She was having coffee and Toast the night before??? Coffee on anxious nerves ..lil wonder she overslept!

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